Welcome to Rising Studios! I use this address for two purposes: saving files online, and displaying my Photoshop projects. These mostly consist of signatures I've made for forums and various assorted design projects. For those who don't know, a "signature" is a small, normally 450x150 or 300x100 image used on forum boards under a user's post. Back in the day, when I was in the Halo PC clan community, I made quite a few signatures. I also operated a shoppe in a Magic: The Gathering forum (here) where I took most of my requests.

While As for the rest of the projects, most were for friends, online communities (specifically, Marathon), or classes such as Computer Graphics or Advertising & Design. These range from high school to university level, and everything inbetween.

Click on the links below to see projects I've done so far, or the header on the top of the page to go back here.

Boy oh boy do I love the W3C validations. You're right, I'd rather stick with CSS2.1 than CSS3.. What was I thinking, using modern web standards...
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