Somewhere in the heavens, they are waiting... In the meantime, here's whats happening in the universe.
Marathon Artwork
Frequently asked questions #4
"Where is the Craig Mullins Marathon art gallery?"
Why it is here! Why is it there and not here is not clear. But here it is now.
Marathon and Marathon 2 for iOS
Marathon and Marathon 2: Durandal for iOS are back in the iTunes store. They have both been updated to v2.5.
New Marathon files on Simplici7y.
cheats advanced v2
This is a revised version of Iamanidiot123's advanced cheats script, which is based on the original Cheats.lua released by Treellama in the Aleph One download. Additional functionality has been added, including hard falling damage.
But remember this...
Cheaters don't really win, and winners don't really cheat, Unless you're talking politics. (Bungie Software, 1995)
Marathon Files
New Marathon files on Simplici7y. Starlight II Ten net maps by RyokoTK. Version II adds three new maps: Meltdown, Furious Bender, and Gusty Garden.