To be honest, I haven't actually updated anything front-end in, like, years. if you're looking for Marathon stuff.
A while ago I stashed a standards-compliant format somewhere (this whole page is tables lol). I guess I'll make it Drupal based eventually...

Welcome to Rising Studios! I use this address for two purposes: saving files, and displaying my "works". These mostly consist of signatures I've made for various people online. For those who don't know, a "signature" is a small, normally 450x150 or 300x100 image used on forum boards under a user's post. Back in the day, when I was in the Halo PC clan community, I made quite a few signatures. I also operate a shoppe in a Magic: The Gathering forum (here) where I take requests.

In addition to signatures, I've also made quite a few projects for educational purposes. While a few were for friends, the majority were either Computer Graphics or Advertising & Design.

Click on the links below to see projects I've done so far, or the header on the top of the page (if your browser supports Flash) to go back here.